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Welcome to the

Cornish Stallions Homepage


Well, here it is the first dedicated website for the new sensation, The Cornish Stallions.

One of our members has branched out from karaoke into the world of DJ-ing. If you need a DJ for any occasion then find out more from the link to Cavemans Disco on the left <------

How did we start?

In the summer of 2001 a small group of us attended a karaoke session down the local pub. It was then when we were asked to attend the following week. Fortunately we were spotted and have now found ourselves singing around Cornwall and up into Bristol. One of members has visited Hamburg, Germany and in February is forming a link between Rose Cottage, Redruth Cornwall, England and what we believe to be Hamburgs' equivalent. All will be revealed in the next few months.

For all you wannabe Cornish Stallions:-

If you think you have the qualities and more then we want to hear from you. Simply fill in the application form (not available at the mo only email) and wait for the reply. For all you that get in you will be rewarded with......... We are looking for someone with balls. Someone who is willing to go that extra mile to promote Cornish men around the globe.

Our site is interactive so you can have a vote and also give us some comments about us, and the site!

If you wish to contact the Cornish Stallions then e-mail us especially if you wish us to sing at your important event. We do weddings, birthdays, Funerals but we don't do charity!!!!