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Now in reverse order of date

Casanova, KT and Caveman in L2 (13 pics) * ALL NEW!

Neil's Birthday (16 pics) * ALL NEW!

Casanova's 21st Birthday (15 pics) * ALL NEW!

KT, Caveman, Geezer, Casanova and Steve hit Destiny's, Plymouth (25 pics)

KT and Casanova head home for a night! (25 pics)

KT's 22nd Birthday (23 pics)

Caveman, Delboy, Bazza and Casanova in Cornwall (20 pics)

Tripod in Plymouth(COMING SOON)

Caveman, Delboy and Bazza in Cornwall (19 pics)

Caveman and Delboy in Cornwall (13 pics)

Caveman in Plymouth (19 pics)

Tripod's Birthday (5 pics)

The Stallions do France (29 pics)

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Caveman's 21st Birthday (21 pics)

Stallions over Easter (17 pics)

KT's 21st Birthday (7 pics)

Stallions in Plymouth (34 pics)

New Years Eve (17 pics)

Christmas Eve (19 pics)

Stallions in Bristol (23 pics)

Stallions leaving for Uni piss up (45 pics)

Casanova's birthday in L2, Truro (3 pics)

Friends of the Stallions (17 pics)